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Founded in İstanbul by Arif Köseoğlu and Burhan Şahintürk in 1999,
Odak Denim is a well-established company that carries out sales and marketing activities in the fabric market.

Arif Köseoğlu

Odak Denim, which has achieved great success in the domestic market by improving and renewing itself for many years, has gained the power to trade with all the countries of the world after almost 20 years. In this context, the brand, which opened its offices in England and Spain, also exports and imports to many World countries in a wide range from Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.

Odak Denim, which has a 5.000 m2 free warehouse of its own in Sefaköy, works with 3 different warehouses in a closed area over a total of 10,000 m2.

With over 50 employees under the umbrella of Odak Denim,  more than 15 million meters are sold annually. Nearly 10 million meters of it goes to the export market. Continuously expanding its business volume, Odak Denim has an instant supply capacity of up to 5 million meters.

With its strengths such as instant supply capacity, dynamic staff, innovative products, and instant supply, Odak Denim works with many renowned brands worldwide.

Odak Denim Ofisi

Odak Denim received the bronze certificate of success by İTKİB in 2016-2017-2018 as a reward for its great success in exports. In addition, Odak Denim received the 9001:2015 ISO quality award in 2018. The company that cares about the concept of sustainability has BCI membership.

Odak Denim’s new term goal, which adopts vision of producing the highest quality, the most innovative products and supplying them instantly, is to be the best-known quality fabric supplier worldwide.